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Winter Wonderland

2016/ december/ 22, 20:00


Winter Wonderland

After the uniquely successful Sinatra100 concert series, this time the spirit of advent is evoked by Frank Sinatra and his coetaneous famous songs with the help of celebrated singers in a spectacular show.

The enchantment of the past Christmases and the Hollywood sparkle come to life for a wonderful night in the Papp László Budapest Arena – amazing melodies and admirable visual culture!

Malek Andrea • Szulák Andrea • Gájer Bálint • Kocsis Tibor • Lányi Lala • Vastag Tamás


The contributors of the show: Danubia Orchestra Óbuda, Studio11 Ensemble and Budapest Dance Studio.


Tickets available in jegy.hu network and online: https://www.jegy.hu/program/winter-wonderland-with-frank-sinatras-songs-69498/333534



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