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Event Production Forum East - EPFE2023

2023/ november/ 10, 09:00


November 10th this year, 
Gold Room at Budapest SportArena.

The (International) Production Meeting of the Year, based in Budapest, but relating to Central and Eastern Europe and the surrounds. So if you are from Debrecen or Dubai, we are relevant, so are you! Whether you are in Production, Touring, Promotion, Venue operation, F+B, AV, Security or whatever..

Our 8th year of the Event Production Forum East. Although we are following on from a stunning conference and afters last year, we are confident we can do it again..

This year has been really hard work throughout the event industry, in the CEE and beyond and we will be discussing, in detail, what is going on and what is going to be happening in the future, plus what we can do to help.

We understand the the problems both individuals and companies are having to face right now, especially economically, which is why we have kept our ticket prices the same as last year. At this point in time the inflation rate in Hungary is 20% but we will not be reducing our value!

Early Bird, until September 10th 2023, 25,000huf
Standard, from September 11th 2023 until November 10th, 30,000huf

There will be four panel sessions, featuring folk from all of the event industry, during the day, with input from the floor encouraged throughout, free coffee and beverages, free lunch and to finish of the day, the traditional free dinner and drinks in a downtown venue, followed by continuation of the revelry.. if you are up for it..

We look forward to seeing you all, regulars and new faces, all welcome.


“EPFE23. You can talk, be listened to, learn from others and enjoy life…”